Deputy Charged With Sexually Assaulting Man In Jail, Mom ‘In Shock’

A Georgia corrections official allegedly sexually abused a man serving time in county jail — and now the prisoner’s mother is speaking out on his behalf.

“When you’re talking about an officer of the law — that makes me so mad. This is someone supposed to serve and protect you,” the mother, Judy Freeman, said in an interview with WSB-TV published on Thursday.

Former Spalding County Deputy Quentin Morgan, 22, was arrested on May 25, and charged with sexual assault, sodomy and violation of oath by public officer, according to inmate records reviewed by HuffPost.

Spalding County Correctional Instituite via Google Maps
Spalding County Correctional Instituite via Google Maps

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Court paperwork cited by WSBTV stated that Morgan had showed Freeman a sexual video before coming back into his cell and forcing him into oral sex.

Freeman’s son then told Spalding County jail staff that Morgan had assaulted him, according to reports from local news outlets.

The victim’s mother told Fox affiliate WAGA that she’s still “in shock” from what her son says he experienced.

“When my son calls me, I can’t talk to him for five minutes, you know, less than five minutes about the situation and he starts crying. I put down the phone and I start crying,” the mother told the outlet.

It’s unclear when the sexual assault took place.

Morgan was hired by the Spalding Sheriff’s Office in April of this year, after he was terminated by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office in March for escorting an inmate into a secure area against department policy, according to WAGA. Coweta County said Morgan hadn’t faced any allegations of sexual misconduct, the station reported.

Morgan eventually confessed to the sexual assault allegations after detectives collected video evidence and interviews, according to WAGA and WSB. He was fired from the sheriff’s office and arrested.

Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix said in a statement cited by local news outlets that his office requested the court to deny Morgan bond.

“He broke the law; he will be held accountable and face consequences,” Dix said in the statement.

HuffPost has reached out to Spalding County Detention Center and sheriff’s department for comment.

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