Stephen Colbert Spots Ominous Campaign Warning Sign For Trump

Trump has no real competition for the Republican presidential nomination given that all his opponents have dropped out, yet ― as has been the case in other states ― 15% of GOP voters in New Mexico this week voted against him.

“The anti-Trump vote broke down to 8.6% for Nikki Haley, 2.6% for Chris Christie, and ― since it’s New Mexico ― 4% for energy crystal guy wearing too much turquoise,” Colbert cracked.

President Joe Biden also lost about the same share of votes in New Mexico.

Colbert spotted something even more alarming in another state as voters went to the polls in South Dakota.

“As we know, in South Dakota, the stakes in this race are very high,” Colbert said. “The loser goes with Kristi Noem to the gravel pit.”

See more in Colbert’s Wednesday night monologue:

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