The 1 Shoe Podiatrists Say You Should Try If You’re On Your Feet A Lot

Most footwear trends come and go, but one style that’s garnered a community of lifelong enthusiasts? The ever-practical, stylish yet quirky clog. This stalwart group — of which I am a proud member — can rattle off a plethora of reasons for our devotion to the clog. The comfort! The ease! The support and understated functional chic (which many of us lovingly refer to as “ugly chic”)!

But of course, the best person to ask about whether clogs are really worth their salt is a professional — namely, a podiatrist.

Huffpost spoke to podiatrist Dr. Saylee Tulpule about her professional take on clog fandom. Tulpule is based in Washington, D.C. and Maryland and is active on Instagram as @thesoledoctor.

Tulpule explained that folks who spend a lot of time on their feet often enjoy clogs because of their built-in arch support, their frequently added comfy cushioning and the easy-on, easy-off slip-on style. That’s why “clogs are traditionally worn by professionals who stand all day: nurses, teachers, doctors, chefs, etc.,” she wrote. Clogs are also often slip-resistant and waterproof, an added benefit for active professionals, Tulpule added.

The beloved shoes can also be beneficial for those with certain medical conditions. In particular, “Clogs can be comfortable for people that suffer from flat feet, heel pain, tendonitis or even lower back issues due to the degree of arch support and cushion,” Tulpule said.

That said, you may want to avoid fashion clogs with high heels over three inches, which can lead to tripping and potentially strain your Achilles tendon, Tulpule noted. In addition, clogs with overly firm wooden soles will not provide the same cushiony support and thus can “aggravate flat feet,” she added.

As long as you stick to a practical style without high heels and wooden soles, clogs are one of the best comfy, supportive all-day shoes you’ll find. The best ones to stick to, according to Tulpule? Those from Dansko, Birkenstock and Sanita brands. She noted that the Dansko brand also carries the American Podiatrist Medical Association’s Seal of Approval.

Based on Tulpule’s recommendations, we rounded up some of the bestselling Dansko, Birkenstock and Sanita clogs for you to check out, below. And, if you do fall in love with the clog as I once did, congratulations — you’re now part of one of the best footwear fandoms around.

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The bestselling, ultra-comfy leather Dansko clog

“The brands that I advise my patients to research are Dansko [which has the] American Podiatrist Medical Association’s Seal of Approval, Birkenstock and Sanita,” Dr. Saylee Tulpule, a podiatrist based in Washington, D.C and Maryland, told HuffPost.

“For my patients that are professionals, I recommend[] a closed back clog for additional support and minimal risk to ‘coming out of the shoe,'” Tulpule added.

Based on Tulpule’s recommendation, we selected this bestselling slip-on, closed-back Dansko clog. I own and have walked miles upon miles in this clog. Once sufficiently broken in, this thing proved unparalleled to any other shoe I’ve owned due to its long-lasting comfort and built-in arch support (which I especially appreciate for my wide, flat feet). It’s available in dozens of designs and colors at Amazon, but I love its oiled black and brown styles; they provide a put-together vibe that’s served me well everywhere from formal work environments to running errands and drinks out. I even wore these clogs out clubbing once, and while admittedly I was the only one there in clogs, I’ll bet I was the happiest and certainly the most pain-free. Needless to say, these Danskos have been a true love affair for me.

The style also sports a two-inch heel, which gives my 5’2″ frame a fun height boost.

It’s available in women’s sizes 5-15 and in wide and narrow sizes. Even though I have wide feet, I opted for the regular sizing and was just fine. For the best fit, aim for a pinky-length gap between the back of your foot and the shoe’s heel.


A popular open back Dansko style

If you prefer an open-back clog, that’s just fine, according to Tulpule. “It’s really one’s preference whether to wear a mule-type clog vs a closed toe,” Tulpule wrote. “A backless clog will be easier to slip into and reduce chances of friction at the heel counter.”

We think this Dansko clog is a great option for folks wanting an open-back design. In addition to minimizing heel friction, this has a padded instep for maximum comfort, a reinforced toe to protect your feet and a wide heel for added stability as you move around. It also sports a rocker-bottom sole that’s designed to propel you forward as you walk. To no one’s surprise, I also wore this backless Dansko for many years. Beyond its practical features — of which there are delightfully many — I loved the laidback vibe its backless style provided, plus the opportunity to show off my collection of fun socks (which are usually obscured by closed heels).

It’s available with leather and fabric uppers, in six colors and in women’s sizes 4.5-12. It has a two-inch heel.


A timeless sling-back Dansko clog

This classically stylish mule features a cushioned leather footbed, a comfy cork sole and a moisture-absorbing lining specifically designed to minimize foot odor.

It’s available in three colors and women’s sizes 5.5-12.


The cult-favorite Boston clog from Birkenstock

Folks are absolutely obsessed with this Birkenstock style, which you’ll find everywhere from college campuses to startup offices and your favorite local walking trail. Birkenstock admits it’s the brand’s “most sought after clog,” no doubt due to the pillowy soft footbed which molds to your foot as you wear it. Plus, the shoe is notoriously lightweight, so you’ll feel energized instead of weighed down as you go about your day.

It has a soft suede leather upper and a luxurious suede leather lining. It’s available in five colors, regular/wide and medium/narrow widths, women’s sizes 4-12.5 and men’s sizes 6-17.5.


Or the impressively durable Super-Birki from Birkenstock

This quintessentially ugly-chic clog (a compliment, according to clog lovers!) is as resilient and practical as it looks. It’s designed to literally repel dirt, oil and grease, plus it’s water-resistant. Its squishy cork-latex footbed is designed to anatomically match the foot for maximum comfort and support. It’s also lined with moisture-wicking fabric to minimize stench. You can even throw this in the washing machine up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Even I, a longstanding Dansko lover, am impressed. This might just be my next pick for myself.

It’s available in 10 colors, including neutrals and vibrant brights like yellow, green and pink, in women’s sizes 4-12.5 and in men’s sizes 6-15.5.


A stylish Sanita clog

This closed-back, patent leather style from Sanita offers a shock-absorbing outsole and a comfy cushioned footbed. It also sports built-in arch support designed to prevent foot and back fatigue, plus a moisture-wicking insole to help cut down on sweat and foot odor.

The fixed strap adds some understated personality and style to this foot-loving style.

It’s available in four colors and in women’s sizes 4.5-11.


Or some extra-colorful Sanita clogs

These fun Sanita hues let you express your bold personality without saying a word — while delivering all the comfort and arch support that makes clogs so beloved.

They’re available in nine colors, including bright red, fuschia and lilac, and in women’s sizes 3.5-12.

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