Parents File Wrongful Death Suit Against Stanford In Soccer Goalie’s Suicide

The heartbroken parents of Stanford star goalie Katie Meyer have filed a wrongful death suit against the university and officials over her suicide, according to Sports Illustrated and USA Today, which obtained copies of the suit. Meyer, 22, was facing a formal disciplinary charge at the time for allegedly spilling coffee on an unidentified Stanford […]


Oh Look, Elon Musk Is Letting More Banned Accounts Back On Twitter

Twitter overlord Elon Musk announced Thursday that he would allow more suspended accounts back on the site following the results of a poll he posted the day before Thanksgiving, claiming this to be the will of the platform’s users. Musk made his decree alongside a Latin phrase translating approximately to: “The voice of the people […]

Eli Lilly Stock Takes A Dip After Verified Twitter Imposter Says Insulin Is Free

Eli Lilly’s stock dipped Friday morning after someone paid $8 to verify a Twitter handle resembling that of the pharmaceutical giant and posted: “We are excited to announce insulin is free now.” Insulin, of course, is not free. In the U.S., one study released this summer found that the high price of the lifesaving drug […]

Elon Musk’s Past Tweets Offer Clues About Twitter’s New Owner

He may be good with rockets and electric cars, but don’t turn to Elon Musk for public health predictions. “Probably close to zero new cases in US too by end of April,” the world’s richest man tweeted about COVID-19 in March 2020, just as the pandemic was ramping up. Advertisement It’s one of many tweets […]

Cesspool Or Civility? Elon Musk’s Twitter At A Crossroads

The discourse was never all that civil on Twitter. The loudest voices have often drowned out softer, more nuanced takes. After all, it’s much easier to rage-tweet at a perceived enemy than to seek common ground, whether the argument is about transgender kids or baseball. In the chaos that has enveloped Twitter the platform — […]

What’s The Deal With Mastodon, The Twitter Alternative?

Hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to Twitter alternatives after Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media giant became real last week, opening up a can of worms surrounding verification, online venom and privacy. One of the major players so far is a 6-year-old site called Mastodon that’s been booming among journalists, academics and […]

Days After Laying Off Half The Company, Twitter Asks Some Employees To Come Back

Just days after laying off about half of Twitter’s workforce following Elon Musk’s acquisition, the company is now asking dozens of those employees to come back. On Friday, Musk began mass layoffs at the San Francisco-based company, letting go of roughly 3,700 workers via email. Many Twitter employees expressed learning of their layoff after they […]

Elon Musk Appears To Threaten Advertisers Wary Of His Twitter Takeover

Newly minted Twitter CEO Elon Musk launched an apparent attack on skittish advertisers late Friday as he faces a potentially devastating advertising exodus from the social media giant he just took over. After Musk said that Twitter “has had a massive drop in revenue” because of “activist groups pressuring advertisers,” a supporter tweeted that the […]

Elon Musk Accuses Activists Of ‘Trying To Destroy Free Speech’ As Advertisers Flee

Twitter owner Elon Musk is blaming activists for advertisers fleeing in droves ― insisting their attempts to “destroy free speech in America,” not his bad business decisions, are hurting the company. Musk admitted in a tweet Friday that Twitter has suffered a “massive drop in revenue” as advertisers fall off. Advertisement A coalition called Stop […]

Elon Musk Fires Top Twitter Executives As $44 Billion Takeover Closes

Elon Musk fired several top executives at Twitter on Thursday as the billionaire closed his takeover of the social media giant, according to multiple reports. Musk ousted Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal and the head of legal policy, trust and safety, Vijaya Gadde, The Washington Post reported. The newspaper added that […]

Kanye West To Buy Social Media Platform Parler After Kicked Off Twitter, Instagram

The rapper formerly known as Kanye West is offering to buy right-wing friendly social network Parler shortly after being booted off Twitter and Instagram for antisemitic posts. Parlement Technologies, which owns the platform, and West, legally known as Ye, said the acquisition should be completed in the fourth quarter, but details like price were not […]

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