10 Pieces Of Carry-On Luggage Guaranteed To Meet The FAA’s Size Requirements

When it comes to air travel, there’s always one particular aspect that stresses flyers out more than anything else. For some, it’s going through security in a timely and seamless manner. For others, it’s a fear of flying or turbulence. And then there are the poor packers; the people who are always convinced they’re going to get turned away at check-in or the gate because their luggage is oversized, overpacked or both.

When it comes to carry-on luggage, though, making sure you don’t run into this problem is really as easy as doing a little research beforehand — and following the rules, of course.

When it comes to flying in the United States, “the maximum size carry-on bag for most airlines is 45 linear inches (the total of the height, width and depth of the bag). Anything larger should be checked,” according to the Federal Aviation Administration. If that confuses you, then your best option is to check the description of the carry-on luggage you’re thinking of purchasing. When it comes to carry-on roller bags, many luggage brands sell a carry-on suitcase and a larger carry-on suitcase, the latter of which will usually be acceptable on major US airlines, but might be turned away for being too large on smaller, budget airlines in Europe, for example. The bottom line is that you always need to check the specific requirements of an airline, particularly if you’re traveling on a small, budget airline or you’re traveling outside of the United States.

To kick off your luggage search, here are 10 carry-on luggage options that are popular and will be the perfect travel companion for your next flight.

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