16 Very Relatable Tweets About New Year’s Eve In 2021

Three! Two! Womp womp …

Due to a combination of the delta and omicron variants getting everyone sick, it seems like New Year’s Eve 2021 is going to feel a lot like News Year’s Eve 2020, which shouldn’t be too hard to remember because in pandemic time that was about a month ago, right?

Before you wallow in too much self pity by sipping straight from a bottle of Martini and Rossi alone on your couch and watching freakin’ Pete Davidson live it up in Pete Davidson’s Miami with Miley Cyrus on a night where you should be living it up, keep in mind you are not alone. We’re all mourning the loss of a holiday where we should be out, drinking, kissing, and wearing our sparkliest clothing. If you don’t believe us, just read these very funny tweets about how much of a bummer New Year’s Eve is going to be this year.

At least the suckiness is universal.

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