25 Republican State Senators In Ohio Just Received Feces In The Mail

Politics can be a crappy job ― literally.

The poo-filled packages were mailed last week from a post office in Cleveland but were intercepted by post offices in Statehouse, Cleveland and Akron before they could get in the hands of the intended recipients.

Although the motive for the protest remains unclear, the U.S. Postal Inspector is treating it as a federal crime, the newspaper reported.

Ohio House spokesperson John Fortney wasn’t able to say whether Ohio House Representatives received similar envelopes, but they have been warned to be cautious when opening mail at home.

Fortney hopes to flush out the “pathetic, little cowards” who sent the envelopes.

“They should’ve just sent a selfie, because it’s the same thing,” Fortney told the paper. “I’d be more than happy to explain it to them in a parking lot or cornfield of their choice.”

Meanwhile, state Sen. Jay Hottinger was a little more philosophical about the incident, which he said was “just another crappy day.”

This week seems to have inspired weird protests all over the world ― though they don’t seem connected with this one.

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