Another ‘Love Is Blind’ Couple Bites The Dust — And Others Get Closer To ‘I Do’

OK, listen. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming to an ugly end. Jackie’s style of arguing and emotionally retreating gave very much “she’s a runner she’s a track star” energy. Marshall begged that girl to come to a solution with him. You could see the hurt on his face and the exhaustion — or maybe it was apathy — on hers as Marshall asked her one final time, what does she need from him to make this work. Jackie, and all of her emotional ineptitude, wasn’t interested in fixing anything (see: her complimenting his eyes instead of answering his question about the status of their relationship). At that point, I knew and he should’ve known just how foolish he looked staying. Jackie told him to “just love me,” yet she never truly loved him.

But the f**king cherry on top was that Jackie was a no-show for the wedding dress fitting with the other “Love Is Blind” ladies. She told not a soul, not even Marshall, that she was so checked out of the relationship that she wouldn’t even be there to pick out a dress. It’s great that she finally realized that she needed to stop playing with Marshall’s emotions and tap out. But the way she did it was disastrous. Meanwhile at the men’s fitting, Brett told Marshall that Tiffany said Jackie was a no-show. In that moment, we all see Marshall’s heart break. Jackie had run off with Josh (to live a raggedy life of sneaking and conniving, I’m sure). She only told him after the fitting that she was done. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how cowards get down.

Marshall was not without his flaws, but he didn’t deserve the emotional shitshow that Jackie put him through. Hopefully all of this reminds him to love himself first. — Taryn

When I tell you I screamed when she said “you have some pretty ass eyes,” I yelled at my TV! And then he didn’t hear it, so she had to repeat it and I was livid. Like, Miss Mamas, go somewhere, and that somewhere needs to be off my TV. We’ll get to the Josh of it all later, but baby, I was so mad at Jackie. Especially since I was rooting for her in the very beginning. Tuh! — Erin

Not gonna lie, I was happy that Marshall asked to get the ring back. LMAO. When Jackie had the nerve to be like, “Well, take it easy … and I’ll see you around,” then he responded with, “Nope, no, you won’t?” I YELPED. I have extremely little pity for her. Like, yeah, girl, go do that self-work you talked about. — Ruth

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