Caitlyn Jenner Swears Off Beverly Hills Hotel For Denying Her Lunch Over Ripped Jeans

Caitlyn Jenner on Monday blasted the historic Beverly Hills Hotel for denying her a restaurant table because of what she called a “tiny rip” in her jeans. And she dropped an F-bomb for good measure.

“Fuck your horrible service for not letting me have lunch with this tiny rip in my jeans,” the reality star wrote on an Instagram story with a photo of the tear. “Shame on you. Disgusting. I have been a patron for decades. No longer.”

Jenner shared snippets of TMZ’s account of her dress code dustup, which reportedly occurred at the hotel’s Polo Lounge, an old haunt for Hollywood types.

The gossip site, citing an unnamed source close to the former Olympic decathlon champ, reported that Jenner “was really caught off guard, especially because she was dressed in full hair and makeup. Caitlyn’s jeans were more distressed denim than ripped jeans, making it that much more surprising to her.”

The source also pointed out that hotel workers failed to enforce the “no photos” policy as Jenner posed with fans, yet took action on her attire. Jenner ran for California governor in the September recall election.

The hotel stuck by its decision, referring TMZ to its dress code.

“At the Polo Lounge, we encourage you to dress for the occasion, so we ask that you refrain from wearing casual hats, ripped denim, crop tops, nightwear, swimwear and men’s sleeveless shirts,” the code reads, as posted on the hotel website.

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