Chris Cuomo: Trump Finally Found ‘A Winning Argument’ On Coronavirus

Chris Cuomo said there’s a reason President Donald Trump claimed on Monday that he’s taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus: Distraction. 

The drug hasn’t been approved to prevent the infection or to treat it, and critics were quick to both slam Trump for taking it and warn that others who follow suit could face real dangers. But the CNN host said all of that’s irrelevant. By talking up the drug, Trump could avoid answering other questions, including how to reopen safely. 

“Don’t take the bait,” Cuomo warned. “Let’s stay focused on what matters. We have to reopen, but we have to do it the right way. How? That question remains unanswered.”

At one point, Cuomo suggested that Trump may not even be taking the drug, just claiming that he was because “it’s a fight that he can win, and that the media will take on and that his opponents may take on, and it’s all a beautiful distraction.”  

Then, Cuomo played a clip of Trump announcing that he was on the drug. 

“I’m telling you ― it’s a winning argument for him,” Cuomo said before launching into impressions of both Trump’s supporters and his critics:

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