Colbert Rips ‘Dead-Eyed Lego Man’ Sean Hannity Over Ghoulish New Sales Pitch

Stephen Colbert said “anyone with a shred of a soul feels for the Afghan people” as the TV has filled with images of desperate refugees trying to escape the Taliban

“So, naturally, that excludes Fox News host and dead-eyed Lego man Sean Hannity,” Colbert said. 

Hannity used the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan as a bizarre segue for discount phone plans.  

“There is a stampede, not only out of Afghanistan, but a stampede away from high prices, overpriced service from the big carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile,” Hannity said as he plugged his sponsor.

“He used the fall of Kabul ― the tragic culmination of 20 years of U.S. sacrifice of lives and resources ― as a clever segue to a sponsor,” Colbert said. 

Then, he showed how a similar segue might look amid another infamous moment in history:

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