Elon Musk Says He Welcomes Recession So Money Stops ‘Raining’ Down On ‘Fools’

In what many critics deemed a spectacular self-own, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in a Tweet that he welcomed a global recession so money would stop “raining” down on “fools.”

Musk posted the comment Thursday in response to a question concerning his attitude about a possible coming recession.

As for raining money, critics were happy to point out that Musk has been the recipient of millions of dollars in tax breaks ($64 million from Texas alone), and a very hefty government loan, among other support.

Tesla scooped up a $465 million loan in 2009 as part of a federal stimulus package, which financed the development and manufacture of Tesla’s groundbreaking Model S.

In an added dig, the self-awareness-challenged Musk accused people who have been stuck working remotely because of the pandemic of now being under the delusion that they “don’t actually need to word hard.” He chuckled: “Rude awakening inbound!”

Twitter critics had a “rude awakening” (inbound!) for Musk.

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