Fox News Guest Blows Up At Former Trump Official: ‘You’re A Grifter’

A Fox News segment went off the rails Tuesday when Democratic strategist Chris Hahn torched conservatives opposing COVID-19 “vaccine passports,” calling his fellow on-air guest a “grifter” and slamming Republicans for peddling conspiracy theories. 

Hahn, a frequent Fox News guest, joined former Trump campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp on the network with host Gillian Turner to debate the idea of issuing documentation that would prove an American had been vaccinated and could travel and enter businesses safely. The Biden administration is working with private companies on a solution but has said it would ultimately be a private sector-led initiative.

A number of Republicans, including Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, have grasped the issue as their latest culture war grievance. Carlson declared it “Orwellian.” DeSantis said it was unacceptable for the government or the private sector to require proof of the coronavirus vaccination to be “able to participate in normal society.”

During the Fox News discussion, Schlapp said that Democrats are against Republican-led efforts to curtail voting rights, including adding additional ID requirements, but support vaccine passports. “That’s the illogical mentality of the left.”

She declared that the Biden administration is working with “Big Tech” to develop the passports. 

“Here’s what’s troubling,” Hahn replied. “The private sector is driving it, not the government. But Republicans, like everything else they’ve done during this horrible crisis we’ve been through, are pushing these conspiracy theories that the government is trying to control you, which is causing some of their followers not to get vaccinated.”

“People like Tucker Carlson, like [Ohio Rep.] Jim Jordan, like Mercedes here right now … trying to convince people that the government is somehow watching you. That is very irresponsible.”

“It’s the private sector that wants to make sure that people coming into their venues are vaccinated so that their patrons can be safe from COVID-19.”

“I am not going to take this from you. You are not going to call me a liar,” Schlapp fired back. “You are not going to call me a conspiracy theorist, you’re not going to call Tucker Carlson a conspiracy theorist. That is wrong.”

“He is. You are,” said Hahn.

The two proceeded to yell over one another, with Schlapp claiming she stood for the “freedom of the American people,” and Hahn telling her “No, you don’t. You’re a grifter.”

Carlson has spread disinformation and cast doubt on medical science throughout the pandemic. Schlapp, in her role on the Donald Trump campaign, routinely denied proven facts and altered the truth in her defenses of then-president.

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