Fox News Host Tells Trump Supporter ‘Nobody Cares About 2020’

Brian Kilmeade on Monday told a caller on his Fox News Radio show that “nobody cares” about Donald Trump’s 2020 election claims and slammed the former president for “wasting our time” with lies about the Arizona vote audit.

Kilmeade, a close Trump ally, answered a call from a man who described himself as a “huge Trump supporter.” The caller voiced concerns about Trump’s fixation on the 2020 election, saying it was “almost cringeworthy” that the former president continues to talk about it, citing a recent Trump rally in Arizona.

Kilmeade agreed. He recounted that he was with a friend of Trump’s during the rally who called Trump afterward and said, “That was the worst speech you ever gave. Because nobody cares about your topics.”

Kilmeade continued: “There is so much to talk about that matters to you and I, Logan, right now about what’s happening in the Ukraine, how China is just forgetting about phase one, how they’re beginning to militarize everything around them, about to take Taiwan back. What’s happening here in this country. … That’s what people want to talk about. It’s not hard stuff.”

“Right now, nobody cares about 2020,” Kilmeade later added. “Nobody.”

He then brought up the GOP-led review of ballots in Arizona last year, which found ― again ― that Joe Biden won the state in 2020. Trump claimed nonetheless that it proved the opposite.

“That’s an outright lie, and please stop wasting our time with that, because he’s capable of doing so much more,” Kilmeade said.

The Fox News host had also dismissed Trump’s election fraud claims last month, saying, “In life, you have to learn to lose.”

Kilmeade was among several at the conservative network who were recently found to have texted Trump’s then-chief of staff on Jan. 6, 2021, imploring the president to end the violence as his supporters laid siege to the U.S. Capitol.

He has since criticized the media for spending too much time covering the violent attempt to overthrow the government and has supported efforts to cast doubt on who was behind it.

Listen to the Fox News Radio excerpt via Mediaite.

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