Fox News Hosts Praise Firing Squads: Now You Can ‘Shoot ’em, Stick ‘Em Or Fry ‘Em’

Fox News personalities Pete Hegseth and Will Cain got all excited Wednesday about South Carolina adding the firing squad to the ways in which it can now execute inmates on death row.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Primetime,” host Hegseth agreed with “Fox & Friends Weekend” cohost Cain’s suggestion that the method was “more honest” than the use of lethal injection drugs.

Hegseth kicked off the discussion with a callous comment about how there are now were now three ways to die in the state if you are on death row.

“Shoot ’em, stick ’em or fry ’em,” he said.

The electric chair is also used as a method of execution in South Carolina.

Cain said Hegseth’s summary was “terrible.”

But he added that “not only do I not have a problem with” firing squads but “would suggest to you it might be a more preferable means of execution.”

“Firing squads are at least more honest about what you’re doing,” he added. “I think sometimes when we do lethal injection or whatever we’re trying to ease us as a society.”

“Go to sleep,” Hegseth interjected.

“We’re trying to ease our own pain that we are doing this to someone, that we decided deserves it. Firing squads are just honest,” replied Cain.

“They are,” agreed Hegseth.

Watch the video here:

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