Here’s How This Portable Power Station Will Make All Your Outdoor Adventures Better Than Ever

If I’m being completely honest, I’m not particularly savvy when it comes to technology. So, when I was first introduced to the new RIVER 2, a portable power station from EcoFlow, along with its other models, the RIVER 2 Max and the RIVER 2 Pro — I wondered whether I was going to feel overwhelmed. Everything I’d first read about it was giving me “year 3022” vibes, and I assumed it would be far too complex for a self-described Luddite like me to figure out.

But, after just a few early test runs, I feel like I might actually be ready for a little time traveling jaunt now. Here’s how the EcoFlow RIVER 2 has helped me to better power my lifestyle outdoors:


The RIVER 2 proved itself not only incredibly accessible for a tech-averse person like me, but it’s also efficient, affordable, and compact. As someone who is not only tech illiterate, but occasionally strapped for time, I was also relieved to see that the RIVER 2 was fully charged and ready for use all day after plugging it in for just 40 minutes!

And, it was super easy to use the companion app to track the charging rate, battery life, and the station’s powerful output that can handle multiple devices at once. Smart control at my fingertips, wherever the day takes me? That’s a big tick.


Running off just one charge, I found the RIVER 2 great for powering things like outdoor speakers, lights, and other appliances (take note, fellow campers/glampers out there).

With its petite stature and long-lasting battery time, the RIVER 2 is even suitable for powering a portable projector setup — ideal for an alfresco movie night. I should say that, as I live in Los Angeles, we still do outdoor events even in November — so my power station is still getting plenty of use!

M_a_y_a via Getty Images/iStockphoto


Since I work almost entirely remotely, the RIVER 2 has also found its way into my work life. Having a lightweight, portable power station is perfect for powering my remote work setup on the go.

If I found I needed to get out of the house, or simply wanted to work on the fly, the RIVER 2 could come along with me (in a tote bag no less), and travel everywhere from my local coffee spot to the Great Outdoors.


The RIVER 2 is also great for use around the house as a backup power source in case of blackouts — something I often experience in LA during heat waves. Plus, in the event of an outage, the RIVER 2 automatically switches to battery power in under 30 milliseconds, so I never had to worry about losing power for long.

In addition to all of the above, it’s also one of the most cost-effective power stations around, with a price point of just $239. And since the RIVER 2 can last up to 10 years if used once a day, you basically wind up paying just about $20 a year for sustainable, safe-to-use power that you can take with you anywhere.

So, if you, like me, are a bit tech-shy, and haven’t been sure where to start when it comes to portable energy, start with the RIVER 2 — it will (quite literally) light your way forward.

For more details on how you can power your lifestyle with the RIVER 2, head to Enter the code EFSD10OFF at checkout for 10% off on the RIVER 2 and the RIVER 2 Max.

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