How The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Affecting People Across The U.S.

Few Americans have been left entirely untouched by the country’s efforts to battle the coronavirus outbreak. In a new HuffPost/YouGov survey, 87% of the public was making an effort to stay at home, and 89% said that their daily life had become at least a little different.

As part of our poll, we asked people across the country to tell us in their own words about any ways the outbreak had affected them. Their answers varied widely in severity. Some reported relatively mild consequences, from canceled plans to cabin fever. Some were anxious and afraid for their health and that of their loved ones. Others were newly out of work. A few were in mourning. Here’s a sampling of some of the responses, lightly edited for grammar, clarity and length.


“My son was tested and has not been given his lab results, and it has been three weeks now.” ― 43-year-old woman


“Because of this virus, two of our kids don’t have a job.” ― 75-year-old man

“I can’t get anything from any store.” ― 35-year-old woman


“I am immunocompromised and must be quarantined.” ― 39-year-old man


“I earn extra money by having a yard sale or swap meet. Now not able to.” ― 68-year-old woman

“My youngest daughter is missing her senior year of high school and my older daughter was pulled home from college.” ― 51-year-old woman


“My husband cannot begin a job he was hired for.” ― 34-year-old woman

“Have not gone outside in three weeks.” ― 48-year-old woman


“A family member has been placed in harm’s way in screening patients.” ― 78-year-old woman

“Can’t work, so no money to pay bills, buy food and essentials.” ― 45-year-old woman

“I have tickets to see the Stones — now postponed.” ― 55-year-old woman


“Lost half my income and am very lonely, causing bad mental health.” ― 18-year-old woman

“I have not left my house in four weeks, and my son who lives next door has come into my house once in that time.” ― 73-year-old woman


“I fled Chicago to escape infection.” ― 54-year-old woman

“My wife and I both have the mild version. She has MS, so needs to be careful. Plus, we have a toddler at home” ― 36-year-old man

“The school where I work has closed down, and my sister has a probable case of coronavirus. My state is under a shelter-in-place order, and some of my doctor’s appointments have been canceled.” ― 37-year-old woman

“Locked down and only come out of our rooms for a smoke break at my nursing home” ― 50-year-old man

“Losing gigs and $$, bored as fuck staying at home.” ― 62-year-old man


“I am not supposed to go into stores. I have a bad immune system.” ― 53-year-old woman

“I’m elderly, so no way to get groceries or other essentials.” ― 68-year-old woman


“My son and daughters have all been laid off from their jobs.” ― 40-year-old woman

“Reduced work hours. Struggling with schedule changes with only one vehicle in the house, and two people still working and three kids at home” ― 31-year-old woman

“Grandparents in Wuhan, racism.” ― 18-year-old woman


“I cannot find a job or a car.” ― 18-year-old woman


“Business closed, friend sick, friends work in hospital without proper PPE.” ― 53-year-old man


“Some of my clients have lost their jobs and can’t pay me.” ― 27-year-old woman


“I miss seeing my granddaughter and other family” ― 74-year-old woman


“I am a teacher. My classes have to be online. My husband is also teaching online and both our school-aged children are learning online.” ― 44-year-old woman


“I worry about my family since they do not live close. I worry about shortages and I worry about me. I am oldest and a high risk. The president is not to be counted on because he is erratic and I worry about that too.” ― 66-year-old woman

New Jersey

“Currently not working. Also, unable to see my daughter, who is a RN. She will not come in the house for fear I will get sick.” ― 54-year-old woman

“Friend who is an EMT has contracted it.” ― 46-year-old man

“It’s all the news talks about all day long, causing too much fear and panic.” ― 65-year-old man

New York

“Husband will not let me out of the house! He’s now doing the grocery shopping (UGH!) and is just as compromised as me!” ― 73-year-old woman

“I am a midwife. The risk to myself and my patients has dramatically changed the way we do things. My husband is out of work due to state regulations for the virus. My daughter’s preschool is closed. Unable to be close with family during special times.” ― 33-year-old woman

“My wife and I both have the coronavirus.” ― 41-year-old man

North Carolina

“My anxiety is really bad.” ― 31-year-old woman

“I’m labeled an essential worker, but when I go to my job at AutoZone, few people are coming in for essential parts. Also the social distancing in the store is a joke. Very few are doing as asked.” ― 58-year-old woman


“My job is ‘essential’ but there is daily risk of infection.” ― 62-year-old man

“Unable to attend my aunt’s funeral.” ― 48-year-old man


“Can’t go to the gym.” ― 58-year-old man

“Can’t do my volunteer work or go out to hear live music.” ― 69-year-old man

“Friend died.” ― 49-year-old woman


“Loss of wages due to employers reducing hours. Avoiding transmission caused me to stop ride-share driving, which also lost me income.” ― 42-year-old man

“Realtor offices are closed. Can’t get into my new house” ― 56-year-old woman

“Am confined to an assisted living home.” ― 86-year-old man

“I just got tested today. I’m very sick.” ― 45-year-old woman

South Carolina

“I eat out a lot. Restaurants are closed.” — 57-year-old man


“My son is in a transition house with 300 others and they are exposed to outsiders. Very dangerous.” ― 72-year-old woman


“My mom is at high risk so we have been self isolating for a couple of weeks. My dad is luckily able to work from home most days, but we are stocking up on food. I am unable to look for a job for fear of bringing the virus home to my mom. My dad isn’t getting as many hours as he used to, so we are getting even more tight on money.” ― 22-year-old woman


“Being trapped in the house is driving me crazy.” ― 40-year-old man


“Not used to staying at home day after day.” ― 73-year-old woman

“Restrictions have made it impossible to travel and see our new grandson.” ― 64-year-old man

“Friend died from it.” ― 62-year-old man

West Virginia

“I was laid off.” ― 58-year-old man


“I’ve had to take leave from my job so I don’t have to worry about getting it and end up killing my dad. He is in remission from cancer. Also, I have to try to go to school online and we don’t have good computer speed at home.” ― 20-year-old man

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