Jimmy Kimmel Spots Most ‘Disturbing’ Part Of Tucker Carlson’s Weirdest Habit

Carlson went on “Fox & Friends” to claim that male bosses don’t harass female subordinates.

“Let’s stop lying about it,” Carlson said. “Everybody knows the truth: Women are much tougher on women than men are in the workplace. That’s just true, I’m sorry. You’re not allowed to say that? I don’t care, that’s real!”

Carlson’s rant ended with his trademark cackle, something Kimmel found too easy a target.

“I don’t hate women, I laugh like a woman,” Kimmel said. “I haven’t heard a giggle that disturbing since Joaquin Phoenix smothered his mother in ‘The Joker’ movie.”

See more in his Thursday night monologue:

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