John Oliver Needs Only 2 Words To Express Any Ambition To Join Joe Rogan On Spotify

Although Joe Rogan recently apologized for spreading misinformation on his Spotify podcast and said he never intended to purposely be inaccurate, fellow comedian John Oliver thinks he’s missing the point.

Oliver, the star of the HBO series “Last Week Tonight,” pointed out that whether Rogan intentionally spread lies is beside the point ― if the information is not true to begin with.

“People like Rogan will say they didn’t intend to misinform, but if you did misinform people, your intention doesn’t fundamentally matter that much since the consequence is the same,” Oliver told HuffPost.

Oliver has spoken out against Rogan’s penchant for misinformation in the past, but he admits the issue may be endemic among podcasters and TV personalities.

“I think there is also an issue regarding people on podcasts or TV just confidentially pontificating about something they haven’t really done the research on,” Oliver said.

However, Oliver needed only two words to sum up his desire to do his own podcast on Spotify: “Fuck no.”

“Would you like to talk with [Canadian professor and anti-trans activist] Jordan Peterson every month with a laptop next to you? No. I’m good, actually.”

Of course, Oliver is pretty busy preparing for the season premiere of “Last Week Tonight” on Feb. 20.

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