John Oliver Shreds An ‘Absolutely Grotesque’ Part Of The Super Bowl

“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver on Monday declared himself to be a big fan of the Super Bowl, in all its “cartoonish” glory.

But there’s one part of the proceedings that he just can’t stick, and he was reminded of it following the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

Appearing on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show,” Oliver slammed the owner of the winning team lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy before the players as “gross” and “absolutely grotesque.”

“The team has just won, the coach has just coached this team through. And you have some fucking asshole 70-year-old billionaire saying, ‘Oh, I would like to thank my family for this.’ What?” he cracked.

“Your family has nothing to do with this. Nothing,” Oliver continued. “You shouldn’t even be on the field. You should be up in your executive box, shutting up, that’s what should be happening.”

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