Marie Yovanovitch Wears Damning Message To Putin On ‘The Late Show’

Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, sent a not-so-subtle sartorial message to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.”

Yovanovitch wore a bracelet featuring the words, “Fuck You Putin.”

The diplomat bought the bracelets in bulk during her time serving in Ukraine and she’d regularly give them to visitors to the U.S. Embassy, she told host Stephen Colbert. She gave one to the comedian.

See Yovanovitch’s comments here:

Yovanovitch was recalled from her ambassadorship in 2019 following a smear campaign from Donald Trump allies amid the former president’s first impeachment inquiry for attempting to withhold military aid to Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden.

Trump’s conduct showed Putin and other autocrats that Trump was “ready to use our national security for his own personal and political gain,” she said.

“I think that really undermined our national security and our abilities to move forward when people could see the president of the United States was ready to not be acting in the interests of the nation, but in his own personal interests,” Yovanovitch added.

Watch the rest of the interview here:

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