Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals How She Feels About Showing Hunter Biden Nude Pics

“This is actually the evidence that I believe the American people deserve to see, because when the American people can see this evidence — as uncomfortable as it was for me to show it on the Oversight Committee today — I believe that’s how they can hold this government accountable,” Greene said.

The far-right lawmaker seized the spotlight earlier in the day by displaying photos featuring the president’s son and an alleged sex worker while questioning an IRS whistleblower who claimed the Department of Justice derailed an investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud.

Greene accused the president’s son of violating Mann Act sex-trafficking laws and involvement in pornography.

“This is a weaponized Department of Justice,” she said on Newsmax. “They are protecting Hunter Biden … they’re protecting Joe Biden especially.”

The feds are “going after Trump now to keep that in the news cycle while they try to cover up Biden’s crimes,” she added on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

The GOP-led House Oversight Committee has attempted to tie the president to questionable business dealings by the younger Biden, but has not produced proof.

The IRS whistleblowers said they had uncovered more serious allegations that were stifled by the Department of Justice.

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