Matthew McConaughey Names The Anti-Masker Claim He Just Doesn’t Buy

Matthew McConaughey called out anti-maskers in a new interview, saying he just doesn’t buy their fear of covering their faces to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

“I’m like, ‘Come on man, I’m not believing you’re really scared of this little cotton thing. And I don’t really feel that takes away your identity and your freedom,’” the “Magic Mike” star said on “The Carlos Watson Show” this week.

McConaughey lamented the politicization of wearing masks ― including by ex-President Donald Trump, who frequently refused to wear one in public ― which he described as “a short-term inconvenience for long-term freedom.”

“There’s no data that says it’s not a good thing. No data that says it’s harmful,” McConaughey continued. “Let’s all take one for the team here. We like to say, ‘We want to take one for the team,” we like to say, “Oh the value of a human life is the epitome…’ No it’s not, we won’t admit it.”

The actor’s comments came as part of a wider discussion about his potential run for governor of Texas, his home state.

“I’m not interested in going and putting a bunch of Band-Aids on that are gonna be ripped off as soon as I’m out,” he said. “I’m interested in building something that can last, and I’m measuring what category that is. I don’t know if that’s politics.”

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