Megan Thee Stallion Knows What Ego Nwodim Means When She Says ‘Girl’ On ‘SNL’

Megan, who served as “Saturday Night Live” host and musical guest, appeared on a fake talk show “Girl Talk” hosted by cast member Ego Nwodim who played “Mo’nique Money Mo’nique Problems.”

Megan, who pretended to have a boyfriend who wanted to move in with her, informed Nwodim that her boyfriend was cheating on her and asked her what to do.

“Girl,” Megan replied.

Nwodim later signaled to add subtitles and help translate the “girl”-laden language for white people or men tuning into the broadcast.

One “girl” remark, uttered by fake talk show guest and cast member Punkie Johnson, appeared to quiz the host on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Megan interrupted the back-and-forth by remarking “girl-la,” which translated to a comically-long paragraph on the war.

You can watch the rest of the sketch, which includes a hilarious appearance by cast member Andrew Dismukes, below.

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