Mehdi Hasan Points Out The 1 ‘Really Shocking’ Result Of Trump’s Indictment

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan acknowledged takes on how a “rubicon has been crossed when it comes to dealing with former presidents” before naming the “really shocking” aspect of a Manhattan grand jury’s indictment of Donald Trump.

“What’s shocking is not that a former president has been indicted. What’s really shocking is that, after all these years, Donald Trump will finally see the inside of a courtroom,” Hasan said during his monologue on Sunday.

Trump, who was indicted on Thursday, is set to arrive in Manhattan on Monday ahead of an arraignment on the following day.

Hasan, prior to Trump’s appearance in court, delivered a message targeted especially at fellow journalists covering the indictment of Trump for his role in a 2016 hush money payment.

“We’ve got our entire framing of this indictment wrong, in fact, our entire approach to this indictment is missing the forest for the trees,” Hasan said.

″Because you know what’s really shocking and unprecedented? Not the indictment of a former president for a single crime but the sheer number of crimes that this former president is currently being investigated for.”

The MSNBC host proceeded to point out Trump’s other legal cases, an amount he deemed “unprecedented.”

“Rather than focusing on how no former president has been indicted before and thereby playing into his and his supporters’ game in the process, we should be focusing on how no former president has been accused of the sheer number of crimes he’s been accused of,” Trump said.

Check out more of Hasan’s monologue below:

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