Mehdi Hasan Torches Republicans By Naming The Only Thing They Really Stand For

“In America in 2023 there have been more mass shootings than there have been days,” he said on his show on Sunday evening, citing statistics from the Gun Violence Archive. “This is how we live now.”

Hasan systemically dismantled the usual right-wing talking points after mass shootings, including the notion that nothing can be done.

“They’re lying to you,” he said. “This isn’t about mental health, which every other country has problems with. It isn’t drugs, which every other country struggles with. It isn’t computer games, which every other country has. It’s the guns. It’s obviously the guns.”

He said it’s high time to place the blame where it belongs: On Republicans.

“Let’s stop saying ‘Congress must act’ and start saying ‘the Republican Party must act’,” he said. “Let’s stop treating the GOP as the party of law and order and treat them, more accurately, as the party of gun violence, of school shootings, of mall massacres.”

He called for a ban an assault weapons:

Hasan also ripped into another common GOP talking point after each mass shooting: the notion that the answer is in “thoughts and prayers” or that God has to provide the solution:

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