Mystery Boom And Unexplained Shakes Freak Out People In New Hampshire

Something shook New Hampshire on Sunday morning and no one’s really sure what it was or where it happened.

On social media, many in the region speculated it could have been anything from an earthquake to a gender reveal gone wrong. But if the truth is out there, it hasn’t surfaced yet.

WMUR also reported that there were no military flights over the region on Sunday, ruling out a boom from a supersonic aircraft.

That leaves one very good possibility.

“I would look for a natural event, something coming into the atmosphere past the speed of sound,” scientist John Ebel from the Weston Observatory told WMUR. “Meteor, meteorite, probably causing enough energy to be released that people heard it here down on the ground.”

At the time of this writing, no one has reported seeing a meteor and there have been no reports of damage.

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