Patton Oswalt Nails The Utter Hypocrisy Of Fox News’ Coronavirus Coverage

Patton Oswalt has had it up to here with Fox News’ coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

The comedian, in a new interview with The Daily Beast’s “Last Laugh” podcast,  slammed personalities on the conservative network for calling to end lockdown measures from the safety of their own remote studios. The majority of Fox’s New York workforce has been ordered to work from home.

Oswalt said he sympathized with people angry about not being able to return to work amid the public health crisis that has now killed at least 90,000 nationwide.

But he described it as “very, very frustrating when you see people’s economic and job frustration being weaponized to benefit the rich.”

It’s “kind of the height of evil when you see the ‘Fox & Friends’ people, who are all coming in remote studios and safe from each other going, ‘We need to end this social distancing, don’t you think?’” the comedian said.

“Why don’t you guys do it first? You’re seeing them throwing bodies onto the barbed wire to benefit themselves,” added Oswalt, who was promoting his new Netflix special “I Love Everything.” 

Check out the full podcast here.

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