Pete Buttigieg’s Baby Son Gus Is Back Home From The Hospital After Week On A Ventilator

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s baby boy Gus is back home from the hospital after a frightening week on a ventilator.

The baby was in and out of the hospital for three weeks.

Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten Buttigieg, welcomed newborn twins Joseph August (Gus) and Penelope Rose in the summer. Chasten tweeted out the good news about their boy on Friday.

“After 3 weeks in and out of hospitals, 125 miles in an ambulance, and a terrifying week on a ventilator, Gus is home, smiling, and doing great!” he wrote.

“We’re so relieved, thankful, and excited for him and Penelope to take DC by storm!” he added, and thanked people for “all of the love and prayers.”

It wasn’t clear what medical condition the baby was battling.

Last week, Chasten Buttigieg posted a photo on Instagram of the transportation secretary holding Gus, dressed as a traffic cone for Halloween, in his hospital room.

“As you can see, we’re spending this Halloween in the hospital,” he wrote then. “Gus has been having a rough go of it but we’re headed in the right direction.”

Fox NewsTucker Carlson last month slammed Pete Buttigeig for daring to take parental leave to spend time with his babies instead of working. Carlson’s own employer, Fox News, does provide paternity leave for its employees. Buttigieg is “trying to figure out how to breastfeed,” Carlson mocked, infuriating the LGBTQ community, women, parents and allies everywhere.

Carlson was piling on the Buttigieges the same time they were dealing with Gus’ health crisis.

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