Protester Sentenced For ‘Threatening’ Behavior For Throwing Eggs At King Charles

Patrick Thelwell, a 23-year-old from York who threw eggs at King Charles in November, was sentenced on Friday on charges of “threatening behaviour.”

Thelwell was sentenced to 12 months of community service and 100 hours of unpaid work, according to the North Yorkshire Police.

Thelwell was released on bail last fall after throwing eggs at Charles and Queen Camilla while the royals were in York to unveil a statue of the late Queen Elizabeth. Thelwell threw the eggs in protest of the “unlawful violence that is carried out by this state regime,” they said after the sentencing in video captured by YappApp.

A reporter outside of the York Magistrates Court asked, “You say you want to change the world; is throwing an egg at a man in his 70s really going to change the world?”

“I hope that it has sparked a conversation and I hope that the conversation continues going forward,” Thelwell replied.

Patrick Thelwell threw eggs at King Charles III and Queen Camilla while they visited York.
Patrick Thelwell threw eggs at King Charles III and Queen Camilla while they visited York.


“I’m going to continue advocating for a democratic confederation of the British Isles, rejecting not just the monarchy, but parliamentary rule altogether and moving to a system of direct democracy where people make decisions that affect their own lives,” Thelwell continued. “And so if that’s what I had to do to get this platform while you’re all stood about me, then uh, yeah, it worked.”

Thelwell didn’t say whether or not they would continue throwing eggs at the king, but quipped that the “coronation’s coming up in May, isn’t it?”

Thelwell said after the initial arrest that they were banned from carrying eggs in public, but could buy eggs at the grocery store if they carried a receipt.

Before the sentencing, the protester said on a fundraising site that they were “expecting a custodial sentence because this is not my first offence, & I am not going to apologise.”

“I acted in solidarity with all of the victims of colonialism and those suffering under Fascism worldwide,” Thelwell wrote, adding that “the monarchy represents all that is broken in our world dominated by hierarchy & state violence.”

The king faced a second egging incident in December, and once again was unscathed.

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