Rep. Massie Posts Gun-Laden Christmas Photo 4 Days After School Shooting

Apparently there weren’t enough guns in the news this week for Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican who gleefully posted a family Christmas photo to Twitter on Saturday afternoon. In it, the congressman and six family members are each carrying a military-style weapon inside the house, where they are gathered in front of a beribboned Christmas tree.

Massie’s wife, Rhonda, also appears to be pointing her weapon toward the left side of a man grinning in the background.

This questionable display of judgment comes four days after a school shooting in southeast Michigan left four students dead and injured seven others ― some severely. The suspected shooter was charged with murder and terrorism this week for both the lives he took and the lives he scarred; his parents were also charged in connection with the incident.

After a brief manhunt, the parents were located early Saturday morning and joined their son in jail.

The incident triggered a wave of school closures across the state of Michigan, as parents and administrators worried about copycat shooters.

But not only does the Massie family’s holiday portrait lack taste ― it also lacks originality.

The concept of a public figure sending out a heavily-armed Christmas photograph evidently staged to “trigger the libs” on social media dates back at least to 2015, when Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) sent out a remarkably similar image.

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