Seth Meyers Has A Field Day With Lindsey Graham’s Trump-Ukraine Claim

Seth Meyers on Monday mocked Republicans who for years defended Donald Trump’s praise of autocrats and now claim Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “never would have happened” on the former president’s watch.

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) declaration that Russia didn’t dare invade when Trump was in office because he’d have “kicked their ass” particularly irked the “Late Night” comedian.

“He would have kicked their ass,” Meyers mimicked Graham. “But he would have done it with a shoe that said ‘China’ on the bottom so when they looked at their pants later they’d say, ‘No I know who kicked my ass’ and a war would have started between those two countries and we’d be walking on easy street.”

Trump at the weekend reportedly floated the idea of U.S. planes bombing “the shit out of Russia” with Chinese flags painted on the side, causing Russia and China to go to war against each other instead.

Watch Meyers’ full monologue here:

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