Steve Buscemi Hands Out Candy Dressed As His Own Meme On Halloween

“Fargo” star Steve Buscemi handed out Halloween candy to trick or treaters in front of a Brooklyn, New York, stoop ― and it was even better than that.

The quirky actor was dressed up as a character he played on “30 Rock” that became a hit meme. (See the photos below.)

Decked out in a red hoodie, backward ball cap and skateboard, Buscemi recreated his clueless undercover cop who tried to blend in with high schoolers on a 2012 episode of the sitcom. Buscemi’s bumbling private detective Lenny Wosniak was recalling his days on a special task force to set up the scene.

“How do you do, fellow kids?” he asked the students as they pass by. The scene became a social media staple for anyone old trying too hard to appear young or cool.

It got a real-life rerun on Halloween.

“We weren’t sure if it was him at first,” Stella Wexler Rush, 13, told the New York Post.

Oh, it was and it was pretty damn cool.

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