Stormy Daniels: Lock Up Trump If Guilty — But Not For ‘Crimes Against Me’

In a new interview with British broadcaster Piers Morgan, porn star Stormy Daniels suggested that former President Donald Trump may need to be locked up — but not for anything related to her.

“Specific to my case, I don’t think that his crimes against me are worthy of incarceration,” Daniels said in the interview, which aired Thursday.

“I feel like the other things that he has done, if he is found guilty — absolutely.”

Trump was indicted on March 30 by a Manhattan grand jury for a $130,000 hush money payment to Daniels, who says she received the money ahead of the 2016 election to keep quiet about an alleged affair with him. Trump, who denies that the affair took place, is now the first former U.S. president to face criminal prosecution.

On Tuesday, Trump appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court, where he pleaded not guilty to 34 felony charges, including counts related to the Daniels hush money.

In her first on-air interview since the indictment, Daniels told Morgan that she thought she would feel “excited and vindicated” upon hearing that Trump had been charged, but that it actually felt “anticlimactic.” Still, she said that he has been “dethroned” and is “no longer untouchable.”

Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing Trump’s case, set Dec. 4 as the next in-person court date. Daniels told Morgan she “absolutely” will testify if asked.

“It’s daunting, but I look forward to it,” she said. “I have nothing to hide.”

Trump is currently facing other criminal investigations, including for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia, his role in inciting the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and his handling of classified documents.

“To me, those are such more significant crimes, you know what I mean? My thing is one person. And obviously it’s the most important thing to me because I am me,” Daniels stated, saying the Jan. 6 violence “seems like that’s a bigger thing.”

During a post-arraignment speech Tuesday, Trump referenced these investigations, asserting that the “only crime” he’s committed was trying “to defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it.”

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