‘Stranger Things’ Gets ‘Unspeakable’ Last-Minute Warning Message

Stranger Things” is back, but viewers in the United States will now see a warning before they dive back into the world of Hawkins, the Upside Down and beyond.

The message was added to the fourth season of the hit Netflix show in the wake of the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that left 19 children and two teachers dead:

“We decided to add the card given the proximity of the premiere to this tragedy — and because the opening scene is very graphic,” a spokesperson for the streaming video company told The Hollywood Reporter.

The warning will only be shown to U.S. viewers.

The show’s description was also updated to note “graphic violence involving children,” which may be an understatement given what’s happen to some of the young characters on the show since its 2016 release.

The fourth season of “Stranger Things” will be released in two parts. The first seven episodes are available now while the remaining two will hit screens on July 1.

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