Supercut Highlights 1 Fox News Tactic To Outrage Viewers

“The Daily Show” guest host Sarah Silverman this week highlighted just one of the ways in which Fox News gets its viewers all angry.

During a segment examining what’s making Americans reportedly more divided over politics than ever, Silverman noted how “all the major cable news networks rile you up, but no one is better at it than Fox News.”

She then showed a supercut of Fox personalities promising their next story will “have you fired up,” “make your blood boil,” “piss you off,” “enrage you,” “make you sick” and more.

Silverman also highlighted the role that social media platforms and politicians are playing in sowing discord.

“If you’re wondering why you are so angry all the time, it’s not a coincidence,” she said. “The system is designed to provoke you.”

Watch the full video here:

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