Supercut Shows The Phrase Republicans Just Can’t Bring Themselves To Say

Republicans will say “all kinds of nonsense” but there’s one phrase “mysteriously absent from their vocabulary,” comedian Roy Wood Jr. notes in his latest spoof segment for “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”

In the parody “Unsolved Mysteries: MAGA edition” bit, the correspondent examines why Republicans can’t bring themselves to say that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair and square.

“Republican mouths are unable to formulate these words,” Wood Jr. says, airing a montage of conservatives swerving questions about the legitimacy of the vote.

Instead, they simply acknowledge Biden is the president in apparent deference to ex-President Donald Trump’s election conspiracies.

“Republicans seem to know that Joe Biden is the president but not how that happened,” said Wood Jr. “Do they think a stork delivered Joe Biden to the White House? Do they think he tunneled into the White House, like some sort of reverse ‘Shawshank?’ Do Republicans believe in an immaculate inauguration where Biden became president without achieving an election?”

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