This Blister Bandage Will Save Your Feet

I was a couple of blocks away from my friend’s house, balancing half a dozen overpriced vegan donuts and two cold brews when I felt it: an eerily familiar sting at my heels. Upon further investigation, I saw I had not one but two horror movie super-giant-mega blisters. Both of which had already popped.

On a drugstore trip for bandages and Reese’s Pieces, a silver and aqua box caught my eye: Band-Aid Hydro Seal Blister Heels ($3.99). They’re waterproof, cushioned bandages that are rounded to be worn on your heels, and they contain a special ointment to help heal blisters faster.

After reading the instructions, I cleaned my blisters well and patted them dry. Then, I applied the bandages to the back of my heels, without adding any antibacterial ointment or other products. I was immediately struck by the quality of the bandages. They were thick and cushiony, and they made both blisters less sensitive to the touch. I hopped in the shower, trying to test the bandage’s waterproofness, and was again happily surprised — even in a burning hot shower, the bandages didn’t peel at all.

Within a day or two, my blisters stopped hurting. The Band-Aids got white and a little puffy in the center as the hydrocolloid gel did its job. Even so, I could easily wear sneakers and boots and was able to walk and move around without pain. The bandages were indeed totally waterproof and lasted through a week of baths and showers without peeling around the edges. Nor did they do that annoying thing cheap bandages do, when the edges start to peel and lint gets stuck in them and then you have a gross, linty bandage half-hanging off your body.

Like the box said, the bandages fell off themselves after about a week. My blisters were healed and I had two happy heels, ready to rock and roll.

“Magic fix-it” products always make me a little skeptical, but these Band-Aids are a holy grail must. They’re a perfect addition to any travel bag, hiking pack, fancy event bathroom basket or first aid kit. They stick well, work quickly and let you comfortably wear shoes, even with an open blister.

I’ve only used them for my feet, but some reviewers say these bandages work wonders on burns and other skin irritation all over the body. Further, they note that drugstores can sell out of these wonder products, so you may want to stock up from Amazon. Heading into strappy sandals season, I already have a couple of packages on deck.

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