Tom Hanks Tells Fans Who Bump Rita Wilson To ‘Back The F**k Off!’

Wilson stumbled forward and gasped, then turned around and said “Stop it.”

Hanks, a double Oscar winner, then took center stage to protect Wilson.

“Back the fuck off!” Hanks yelled at the group. “Knocking over my wife!”

One fan can be heard saying he was pushed. Some in the crowd apologized as Wilson and Hanks get into their car.

Hanks can politely argue with fans that “Forrest Gump” deserved the Best Picture Oscar, but don’t mess with his family. These celebrity seekers learned the hard way.

“Our marriage is really sacred to us,” Wilson once said when tabloids spread a false rumor that the couple was on the rocks back in 2016.

Hanks’ latest movie “Elvis,” in which he plays Colonel Tom Parker, opens next week in the U.S.

Wilson recently starred in the thriller “Kimi.”

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