Trevor Noah Dismantles Critics For Targeting John Fetterman’s Post-Stroke Health

In his first in-person TV interview since suffering a stroke in May, the Pennsylvania Democrat used an electronic closed-captioning device to chat with NBC News reporter Dasha Burns. Fetterman, who is facing off against Trump-backed Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, told Burns that he used captioning to “understand exactly what’s being asked.”

“The Daily Show” host called out Republicans who claimed that Fetterman was unfit for office because he “forgot a word and can’t understand speech.”

“If stumbling over a word every now and again disqualified you from politics, America wouldn’t have had a president for the past six years,” Noah quipped before flashing photos of former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Noah also joked that Trump wouldn’t have acknowledged a word slip-up at all if he was in Fetterman’s position.

“Trump would’ve tried to convince us that he actually got the word right,” Noah said.

Watch Noah’s comments, including his Trump impression, below:

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