Trevor Noah Loses It After Trump Messes Up The Name Of His Own Platform

Former President Donald Trump might be allowed back on Twitter soon, but he says he’s sticking with his very own “Troth Senchal.”

Amid news that billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk is purchasing Twitter, Trump told Fox News Monday that he doesn’t plan to return to the site. Instead, he’s going to stick with his failing social media company, Truth Social.

At a rally in Ohio on Saturday, Trump touted his network. Sort of.

“Because of this digital tyranny we had to give the American people their voice back by building something called troth, truth, senchal, Truth Social,” Trump said.

The slip-up had “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah in stitches Tuesday night.

“You had one job, one job!” he cracked. “It’s your social media platform and you messed up the name? It’s almost like every time Trump speaks, his own mouth stages an insurrection.”

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