Trump Reacts To Niece’s Book On President’s Family: ‘She’s A Mess’

President Donald Trump has finally commented on the new book written by his niece Mary L. Trump.

Spoiler alert: He’s not happy.

The book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” was released Tuesday and racked up a record of 950,000 copies sold on its first day. On Friday, the president posted his gripes on Twitter about the many books that have been written about him in recent months.

Calling himself the “ultimate member of The Book of the Month Club,” the president first railed against “lowlife dummy John Bolton,” whom he called a “war mongering fool” and said he’d violated the law by releasing classified information just to “make a few dollars” that “will all end up going to the government anyway.”

The president then went after Mary Trump, the daughter of his late older brother, Fred Trump Jr., calling her “a seldom seen niece who knows little about me” and “says untruthful things about my wonderful parents (who couldn’t stand her!)”

He also claimed she violated a nondisclosure agreement and broke the law by giving his tax returns to The New York Times.

The president then attacked his niece by saying, “She’s a mess!” before striking an almost philosophical tone:

Many books have been written about me, some good, some bad. Both happily and sadly, there will be more to come!”

Mary Trump has yet to comment on her uncle’s reaction, but other Twitter users found the president’s tweets enlightening in ways he probably didn’t intend. 

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