Twitter Users Think Biden Should Use Nikki Haley’s Tweet As A Campaign Ad

Nikki Haley attempted to scare voters away from Joe Biden, but her efforts made some people wonder if she was actually working for the Democrats.

The former Republican governor of South Carolina tweeted a link to an Axios story about the influence that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will have on Biden’s campaign.

If Biden wins in November, it’s clear that Warren will significantly shape his approach — on domestic policy in particular — whether or not her name’s on the ticket.”

The tweet was intended to sway potential undecided voters toward President Donald Trump, but it ignored the fact that many Democratic voters actually want Biden to embrace more progressive policies.

As a result, many Twitter users thought Haley’s tweet actually made a good case for a Biden presidency.

Some wondered if Haley was actually endorsing Biden.

This is the third time in a week that a Republican has tweeted something intended to be anti-Democrat only to get the opposite reaction.

On Thursday, Steve Guest, the Republican Party’s rapid response director, was brutally mocked on Twitter after he tried to link Warren to voter fraud for joking that her dog, Bailey, would be “voting Democrat” in November.

On Monday, Guest attempted to tie Biden to Washington’s controversial NFL team by posting an old photo of him at a game.

Problem was, Guest used an adorable photo of the former vice president with one of his sons and only ended up making Biden look like a doting dad.

He ended up deleting the tweet. 

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