Ukraine Unveils New Stamp Based Off ‘Russian Warship, Go F**ck Yourself’ Audio

Ukrainian border guards’ defiant stand against a Russian warship became a rallying cry throughout the war-torn country, and now it’s set to be an official postage stamp.

“Russian warship, go fuck yourself!” shouted a Ukrainian border guard alongside a dozen other soldiers stationed on Snake Island in the Black Sea at the start of Russia’s invasion last month.

Audio of the incident quickly went viral and became a symbol of Ukrainian resistance against the Russians. Though the border guards were first thought to have been killed, they are now reported to have been captured and are alive.

Ukrposhta, the country’s postal service, announced a new stamp commemorating the event on Saturday. The stamp, created by artist Boris Groh, shows a Ukrainian border guard on an island facing a warship in the distance. He holds a rifle in one hand. His other hand gives the warship a confident middle finger.

“With this stamp, you can send letters and postcards even abroad,” Ukrposhta wrote in a Facebook update. “And most importantly, they will have a sewn-in message that you already know well: ‘Russian warship, go fuck yourself!’”

Groh was among 20 artists whose stamp design made it to a final voting round. Groh’s stamp won 1,700 out of the total 8,000 votes, according to Business Insider.

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