Veterans Group’s Blistering Ad Exposes GOP As ‘Party Of Putin’

VoteVets, a progressive political action committee that works to elect Democratic veterans to Congress, blasts GOP praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a new online spot.

The group’s 76-second ad, released Wednesday, begins with footage of former President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo complimenting the Russian leader, who is receiving global condemnation following his order to invade Ukraine.

“Nothing good comes from appeasing a dictator, whether it’s the butcher in Moscow or the defeated loser in Mar-a-Lago,” says the video’s narrator.

“Remember, Donald Trump was impeached for threatening to withhold military aid for Ukraine,” the voiceover continues. “Aid Ukraine needed to hold off Russian aggression. He tried to extort Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, the hero now leading the resistance on the streets”

The narrator recalls how “52 out of 53 Republican senators voted to let Trump get away with it,” Trump “divided NATO, threatened to pull America out and convinced his pal Putin that the west was weak.”

“Donald Trump’s appeasement of Putin wasn’t just a personal act of treason, it’s the Republican Party’s official position,” he concludes.

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