Video Shows Lady Gaga Dog Walker’s Desperate Struggle During Attack

Surveillance video has surfaced showing assailants attacking Lady Gaga’s dog walker, who was shot and remains hospitalized, CNN reported early Friday. Two of the singer’s dogs were taken in the Hollywood, California, ambush, and a third was later recovered.

The singer was in Italy filming a movie at the time.

The LAPD confirmed to CNN that investigators were reviewing a neighbor’s security footage showing two men demanding the dogs and shooting the dog walker. The news network obtained the clip (watch it above) and posted an edited snippet.

In a longer version of a video that also appears edited, shared by TMZ on Thursday, a gunshot can be heard before the two assailants flee in a white car with two of the dogs.

They leave the victim lying on the ground crying for help, saying he has been shot. Finally, neighbors respond. (Readers may find the video below upsetting.)

Several outlets have identified the victim as Ryan Fischer, but police haven’t released a name. Outlets reported he was hospitalized in critical condition on Thursday, but an LAPD captain told People on Friday that he had been upgraded to stable.

Gaga’s father, Joe Germanotta, told Fox News that the dog walker is a friend of the family. Fischer would do anything for the animals, said a former client whose beagle was walked by him.

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