Watch Enraged Bystander Confront Armed Boogaloo Bois In Easter Protest

If words were bullets, an enraged Michigan resident could have done some serious damage to a handful of Boogaloo Bois armed with assault rifles at a protest on an Ann Arbor street Sunday.

“Get your fucking guns out of here, man,” the unidentified person, captured on video, yelled at the protesters bristling with firearms on Easter. 

The bystander had started out calmly. “This is a peaceful community. We don’t need this. We’ve been through a pandemic … we’ve lost thousands of lives,” he said before exploding in rage.

The apparent leader in the Boogaloo Bois group responded: “We’re not killing anyone.”

Bizarrely, the armed men were outside a police station protesting the “militarization” of the police — while carrying military-style guns modified for civilian use. They were responding to a recent heavy-handed arrest of a local man. No one was apparently injured in the arrest.

“You are not the police. You are a militia,” shouted the resident. “The law is: They are in charge, not you. Get the fuck out of our town!”

He added: “I care about the children of this town. Walking around with goddamn guns, what … are you teaching them?”

At one point the bystander asked: “Were you guys part of that thing in Washington?”

The leader answered: “Oh, God no. The Trumpers? … No, no, no, no.”

Then, a parting shot from the bystander before he walked away: “Take your steroid-shrunken nuts out of Ann Arbor. Fuck off.” 

“I don’t want to scare anyone,” the leader told a cameraman, apparently on the scene for PSCP-TV.  “We won’t live in hate. We’re here because we love the people of this town.”

They left minutes later.

Twitter critics responded angrily over the confrontation with the armed men. Many loved the unarmed bystander who took on the armed men, hailing “blue-shirt guy” or “Gilligan” for his “Gilligan’s Island” style hat.

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