What To Pack Before You Travel Abroad, Whether It’s A Solo Or Group Trip

At the end of March, I took myself on a vacation to Mexico City. It was a super last-minute trip, so I didn’t have much time to prepare, and I felt incredibly frazzled when trying to pack. As I stress-ate slices of Kraft American singles, I scrolled through dozens of travel blogs for packing tips and advice on staying safe as a solo traveler in a foreign country.

What I found were a lot of clothing-only packing guides, with lots of pictures of bloggers’ folded laundry. While I appreciate a good #OOTD moment, I needed guidance on the toiletries and other practical life items you’d want with you when traveling abroad. So, in the name of DIY, I decided to make one myself.

From collapsable backpacks to a mini bug spray, here are all the packable things that come in handy when you’re traveling alone (or with pals!) in a foreign country.

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